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The Veblen Director Programme

How to get a Board seat.
With only your current experience. Guaranteed!

Veblen Director Program is a unique Training Program and Community for career ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs who want to fast track into a Board seat.

Here's how it's different

Global Network of Peers & Experts

It’s a small world. Time to start thinking global.

Value Based Learning

Content is based on what Boards need to hire you today. Not vanity qualifications & certificates.

Results Focused. Board Seat GuaranteeD!

The entire focus of the program is getting you results.

Veblen Benefits

Access to proven strategies, robust systems, and the consistent support you need to secure a board seat.

This program is exclusively for ambitious and driven individuals who want to make a bigger impact and don’t want to be held back because they come from the wrong background, went to the wrong schools, look different, or are excluded based on small minded prejudices.  

We deliver results because:

Individual Attention

Starting with the one-on-one interview to get on to the program, you are then assigned a support member who is your first port of call should you have any challenges during the program.  You and a small number of other new starters will get an opportunity for a unique, onboarding experience.  You will also be able to access plenty of individuals in the program who can help you get past any sticking blocks.

Access to the best experts

We have more than a dozen experts that we have brought in to show you how you can become the best possible Board director. This content is no-nonsense and won’t always be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear to become a great Board Director.
More expert content is being added all the time as we get real time feedback from Boards about what challenges they are currently facing.

Monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

Each month all Vebleners are invited to join the monthly AMA sessions with Callum and occasionally a guest expert.  This is a great time to ask your questions and connect with other Veblen members and guests.  No questions are off limits in this session and you should leave with a clear idea of what your next steps are.

Forum Review

Get real time feedback from Vebleners sitting on boards about what is important and relevant to boards right now! Read and participate in real time discussions about business news stories and how Boards are currently handling them.

Focus Groups

Struggling with your personal Brand?  Not sure about the basics of Investor Relations?  Can’t read a Balance Sheet?  Join a Focus Group until you’re feeling comfortable.

Have your own area of expertise?  Create a Focus Group to support others and build your profile within the Veblen Community.

Results Guarantee

We believe that PLC Boards are undergoing a major reckoning and this provides a unique window of opportunity where the diversity of your background and ideas makes you extremely valuable to Boards around the world.  We are so certain of this that if we offer you a place on the Veblen program we GUARANTEE that you will get a Board seat or we will keep working with you until you do.

Membership Directory

Meet and connect with Veblen members from all over the world. Access those with the speciality knowledge or connections you’re looking for.

Own The Content

All content is available on the platform, but also emailed to your inbox so you always have a copy of the content you need when you need it

24x7 Online Community

Post your questions and experiences in our forum and someone will always be around to answer you.

Support Team

Following your interview, a dedicated VDP team member will be assigned to provide assistance and support to ensure a smooth journey towards your directorship goal.

Expert Library

An ever expanding video library of experts sharing their experiences and expertise on what you need to become a fantastic board member.

Fixed Annual Membership Price

If you choose to remain in the community at the end of the first year, your renewal price will remain the same in perpetuity.

Global In Person Event Coming Soon…!

Cement online relationships by meeting in real life to workshop the best solutions for company Boards.

Are you right for Veblen?

we are selective about who can join

Veblen Director Network will be the most valuable and powerful network you belong to, but only because we are selective about who can join. Nobody gets in without a thorough interview with one of our team. Since we guarantee you getting a board seat we need to make sure you have what it takes. But this is not what you might expect. We’re not interested in your current job title, your qualifications, what school you went to or who your father played bridge with. None of those things are relevant to us, or the next generation of Boards you will be joining. Our members are selected based on:


 If you don’t have a burning desire inside you to get ahead and make a difference in the world then please go back to browsing cat videos on Facebook.


You need to be accountable to the program, accountable to your peers in the Veblen community and accountable to your future self that wants to see you sitting in the Boardroom.


You have already stepped up as a leader in the past.  Maybe Team Leader in your company or running a sports team or helping out at a non-profit?  You’re willing to take on responsibility for others.


You have a voracious appetite for learning new ideas and new ways of getting ahead.  You’re happy to abandon old ways of thinking if they no longer serve you and when you don’t understand something you get curious, not critical.


If you think Boards are full of Alpha’s who are willing to run over anything that gets in their way – sadly, in many cases you’re right.  But the world is changing and Boards need humility to move forward.


This is the start of a journey.  It will involve you getting way outside of your comfort zone.  New people, new terminology, insane levels of responsibility and never enough time or information.  You need to be able to dig deep in order to not just survive but thrive in this environment.  We can give you the tools, but only you can bring the drive.

Still here? What’s next:

1. Watch the below webinar. All of it. To the end.
2 - Fill in the form to set up a chat with one of our team

Here's what some of our directors
have to say

Marisa Agrasut

Board Apprentice Incergo

“This board apprenticeship role is exciting because it combines exposure to two unique initiatives – the Veblen Director Programme and Incergo’s franchisor acquisition model. I wholeheartedly appreciate Darren Taylor’s commitment to diversity whilst growing his business and look forward to bringing my experience in strategic innovation to support the stakeholders of the business”. 

Ralph White

Board Apprentice Incergo

“Through this opportunity I am excited to contribute over 27 years leadership experience and support Incergo’s growth in North America. Working with Veblen we are building a sustainable business with a strong focus on ESG to benefit shareholders. This is a dynamic team and a wonderful opportunity for all investors”.

Hetul Patel

Board Apprentice Incergo

“I’m very excited to be joining the Incergo board and grateful to the Veblen Program for this opportunity. It is great to see forward looking companies partnering together to lead the way in promoting D&I. With 20 years of financial services experience I’m eager to get started on our mission to create exceptional value for our shareholders and business owners.”

Veblen Director

“I joined Veblen to …broaden my network and learn how to apply leadership skills for enterprise governance and … develop the skills to be on a PLC Board. I also know the people behind the program have integrity.”

Veblen Director

“This apprenticeship is already changing my state of mind to begin to think like a leader. Not just in my business but in all aspects of my life.”

Veblen Director

“I joined the Board of Directors of a large charity, where I was openly approached and more visible to politicians and senior business men and women. Having a specific and valuable title attached to your name puts you on another level… this has led me to not only explore an abundance of business opportunities but also impact based opportunities.”

Veblen Director

“I joined the Veblen Programme as a continuing education opportunity. I have been interested in joining a board for some time but felt that I needed to take what I have learned as an executive to the next level in order to be an effective member. I continue to learn new and practical information as part of the VDP but the true benefit is the network you build. VDP had a wonderful group of members from various backgrounds that provide real life insights, advice, and unique learning opportunities.”

Veblen Founder

Who started Veblen and Why?

Callum Laing

Founder Veblen Directors Program

Callum Laing is the Founder of the Veblen Director Programme and a Partner at Unity Group. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Callum has founded and grown companies across various countries and industries, focusing on helping small businesses access capital markets for the past decade. Since joining Unity Group, he has completed over 100 M&A transactions, with most reaching public markets.

Callum is also the author of four business books, including the bestsellers ‘Progressive Partnerships – The Future of Business,’ ‘Agglomerate – From Idea to IPO in 12 months,’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Investing.’ His latest book, ‘Boardroom Blueprint,’ offers valuable insights into securing board positions.

Based in Singapore, Callum is regularly featured in media and as a public speaker at global events. He has held positions as High Commissioner to Singapore for the World Business Angel Forum and Ambassador to Callum resides in Singapore with his wife and two daughters.

Frequently asked questions

Learn More About What It Means To Be Part Of The Veblen Community

If any of the following describe you, then the Veblen Program is likely a good fit:

  • People who are ambitious and have a burning desire inside to get ahead and make a difference
  • People who have a vision and can see themselves sitting in a Boardroom.
  • People who want accountability to hit their goals (and the support to get them there).
  • People who know they can personally grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  • People who want to avoid the painful “learning curves” and avoid mistakes as they grow.
  • People who are already successful, and want to double their income & their time off.
  • People with prior leadership experience, maybe a team leader in a company or a leading role in a sports team or helping out at a non-profit

The Veblen Director Program includes a customized onboarding and kickstart, so you can get started right away.

Firstly, we don’t let anyone onto the program unless we believe they have what it takes to get a board seat.

Secondly, if you have still not got a board seat after a year of content, network, coaching and opportunities, we will give you another year for free. In fact, we will keep working with you until you get a board seat.

We offer weekly coaching sessions and monthly AMA’s. 

If you are offered a place on the program, you will need to see the most recent webinar to find out what the current price is. The opportunities you will receive and the value of the program is in large part determined by the number of Vebleners in the program. We currently put the price up every 50 new members.

You will get access to all the proprietary content plus access to the entire global network of Veblen Directors. Because of this, and to prevent inappropriate access, there is no refund policy. Please consider carefully before proceeding.

Show up, contribute, gain massive momentum, and do the work to create lasting success for yourself.

You should have a paid board seat and made loads of great new contacts. If you would like to stay in the program so you can get access to new content, new contacts and new opportunities, you have an opportunity to pay a monthly fee to stay in the community on a rolling basis.

None. We focus on how you can add value to the board, not what your academic record states. Soft qualities such as drive, willingness to learn, humility and genuine desire to help the companies you work with are much more important.

Apply now

Become a Veblen Director Today!

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, the next step would be to proceed with an interview with one of our team members.

Please only sign-up for this if you are committed to becoming a PLC Director within the next 12 months but still have a few questions you want answered.


The Veblen Director Programme Receives Prestigious Ellect Star for Commitment to Gender Equality in Boardrooms

The Veblen Director Programme, a leading training and education community dedicated to empowering ambitious professionals for impactful board membership, proudly announces its recent recognition with the esteemed Ellect Star. This accolade underscores the programme’s unwavering commitment to fostering gender equality in boardrooms worldwide.