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  • Are you Board recommendable?

  • Most board seats go to insiders or those recommended by people the board trusts.

    How can you become trusted and easy to recommend?

    By doing this quick test you can see where you are and what you need to work on. We will give you a detailed action plan that has helped many people get paid board seats within 90 days!

    There is a total score of 50 points available.

    You really need at least a 35/50 before people will start recommending you. 40+ before they are happy to recommend you. Where do you currently score?

    1 means you have a lot of work to do. 10 means you’re already a super star.

    See how you get on and then we'll give you a targetted action plan for your development.

  • So how did you get on? Are you ready for a seat at the big table yet or still have some work to do?

    On the following page you’ll see a breakdown of what you need to do based on your current score to get your points up and attract those board seats.

    Add your name and email to get access to the results and to see what are the action steps you need to take to get your first board seat.

    If you would like to speak to one of our team please add your phone number too and they will reach out to you about board opportunities.