Free Masterclass Reveals:

How To Secure a Paid Board Position (in 60 Days or Less…)

Even If You Don’t Have Any Board Experience or a Powerful Network of Connections

Tuesday 9 July- 21:00 SGT | 9:00 EST | 6:00 PST

If You’re Tired Of Being Passed Over For Promotions, You’re Looking To Maximise Your Earning Potential, Or Want To ‘Fast Track’ Your Career Or Business Growth, This Free Masterclass Is For You.

On this live Boardroom Accelerator Online Masterclass you’ll discover:

> How your lack of experience can actually increase your chances of securing a board seat
> Why you could be the exact person an international board is desperately searching for
> How to immediately kickstart the process of securing your first board seat (in just 30 minutes)
> How to make yourself attractive to boards (with some ‘insider’ knowledge not shared elsewhere)
> The little-known secrets for leveraging board positions to accelerate your career and/or business
> The (proven) step-by-step guide to go from where you are today, to a board seat in as little as 60 days

Tuesday 9 July- 21:00 SGT | 9:00 EST | 6:00 PST​

Location: Zoom (attend from anywhere in the world)

Who Should Attend?

The Boardroom Accelerator Online Masterclass isn’t for everyone.

You should only register to attend if you:

– Have a burning desire to excel in all areas of your life
– Want to ‘leapfrog’ the promotion process by becoming uniquely valuable
– Are determined to have a successful career (regardless of your starting point)…
– Get genuine enjoyment from challenging yourself …
– Feel like you get overlooked for promotions and want to know how to fix it…
– Want to build a network of high performing peers (without attending networking events)… – Feel like you have a lot more to offer

You should NOT register if you:

– Are looking for a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme…
– Consistently blame others for missing out on promotions…
– Are miserable in your job and are looking for any opportunity to get away from it…
– Aren’t open to and interested in developing personally and professionally…
– Are looking for a shortcut to ‘save’ your business…

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