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Boardroom Blueprint Summit | 11-12 April 2024

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How Any Manager or Leader Can Secure a Board Position in 60 Days or Less!!

How Ambitious Professionals Are Gaining Prestigious Board Seats in a Fraction of the Time of Traditional Strategies - Without Existing Connections, Additional Qualifications, or Battling for Promotions

How Ambitious Professionals Are Gaining Prestigious Board Seats in a Fraction of the Time of Traditional Strategies - Without Existing Connections, Additional Qualifications, or Battling for Promotions

Discover how at the Boardroom Blueprint Summit

Your personal invitation to join our 2-day online and live interactive summit with over 1,000 Leaders and Professionals from around the world looking to secure their first paid Board Seat.

This is the world’s first Summit for professionals and leaders looking to:

Are you ready to fast track your career and skyrocket your earnings? 

Why Attend:

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit in a nutshell

Like many talented professionals, you’ve probably found yourself facing common roadblocks on your way to the top.

Perhaps you’ve pondered how some individuals seem to effortlessly attain rapid success? Are they actually ‘better’ than you or do they just know something that you don’t?

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit is your exclusive opportunity to discover simple techniques that will make a profound impact on your career. We’ve designed this two-day immersive experience to equip you with the five proven components that will propel you towards your first paid board position in just 60 days (or less). You’ll also get a chance to hear from many who have already got results.

Join us and let us help you
turn your ambitions into a reality!

Unlock a High-Paying Board Seat

Are you ready to take your career to new heights,
supercharge your reputation, and significantly increase your earnings?
The Boardroom Blueprint Summit holds the key to your success!

Secure Your First Paid Board Position

Discover the Boardroom Blueprint to securing your very own board seat in as little as 60 days. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an ambitious entrepreneur, our summit will guide you towards a high-paying board position.

Rapid Career Advancement & Income Increase

Unlock the secrets to rapid career advancement and income growth. Don’t wait for opportunities; create them! Learn from industry leaders and experts who have achieved remarkable success.
The traditional career progression path can be painfully slow and increasingly frustrating. At the Boardroom Blueprint Summit, you’ll uncover the little-known secrets to become an industry lynchpin that has employers consistently promoting you and prospective boards seeking you out, desperate to work with you. You’ll hear firsthand from industry leaders and experts who’ve used these unconventional strategies to achieve remarkable results.

Join the Summit

Reserve your spot at the Boardroom Blueprint Summit and embark on a journey to elevate your career, turbocharge your status, and secure a high-paying board seat.

What You'll Learn

Unlock the secrets to becoming a sought-after board member with these five essential components:


Obtaining board appointments has traditionally required years of (often expensive) networking. Discover the secrets to fast tracking the process with laser-targeted strategies that allow you to rapidly skyrocket your credibility and help secure your ‘seat at the table’ faster than ever before possible.

No need for expensive MBA’s and other qualifications. Prestigious boards are proactively seeking individuals who have unique and diverse insights based on their current experience. Uncover how you can effortlessly position yourself as a sought after authority in what you know and how you package that in the way boards are looking for - whether in finance, technology, marketing, or another field - so you become magnetic to company boards.

Your personal and professional profile matters. Craft an impressive board-ready profile that showcases your skills, accomplishments, and readiness for a board position, making you stand out among candidates. Learn the 20% of effort that will get you the 80% of results.

Boards are looking for individuals who can bring tangible value to their organizations. Learn the problems they face and how you can help solve them. Learn the shortcuts that you can apply to get transformative results that will significantly increase value to all stakeholders.


Learn how to effectively leverage your newfound value and board position. Explore strategies for utilizing your enhanced skills, experiences, and networks not only to secure your first board seat but also to propel your career, business, and earnings to new heights, maximizing your potential and becoming a dynamic force in the boardroom and beyond for years to come.

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Learn How To Secure a Board Position in 60 Days or Less!!

Your Summit Host

Callum Laing

Summit Host, Keynote Speaker & author of ‘Boardroom Blueprint’

Callum is a renowned entrepreneur, board director, investor, and bestselling author with a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential.

With a stellar track record of building and scaling businesses across diverse industries, Callum brings a wealth of real-world directorship experience to the summit. His infectious enthusiasm, combined with a knack for simplifying complex concepts, ensures that attendees leave with actionable insights and strategies they can implement immediately.

As a prolific author and thought leader, Callum’s wisdom has been regularly featured in the media and is sought out by business leaders around the world.

Join us at the Boardroom Blueprint Summit, where Callum Laing will guide you on a transformative journey towards unlocking your career and financial potential.


Michelle Clarke +


Nam Phong Ho +

Entrepreneur, Investor, Board Member

Victoria Sylvester +


Jeremy Harbour +


Arvashni Seeripat

Arvashni Seeripat +

Board Member, Healthcare Executive, US & Global | Writer

Martin Jimmink +

CEO, Board Member, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur

Indira Bunic +

CEO, Board Member, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur

Franziska Grobler

Franziska Grobler +

CEO, COO, Founder & Business Owner

Deri Llewellyn Davies

Deri Llewellyn Davies +


Sandra D'Souza +


Ralph White

Ralph White +

PLC board member

Who Should Attend?

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit is tailor-made for ambitious professionals and leaders who are eager to take their careers, earnings, and reputations to new heights.

This summit is your must-attend event if you:

Callum Laing

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from world-class directors, chairs of boards, and successful business owners. Join us at the summit, and together, we’ll rewrite your path to success.

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Learn How To Secure a Board Position in 60 Days or Less!!

Due to the generosity of our headline sponsors Veblen Directors Programme, we can offer tickets to this event for free

Platinum Sponsor

We are proud to introduce our Platinum sponsor, Veblen Directors Programme, a training and education community, dedicated to turning ambitious professionals into high impact, values based board members.

Veblen Directors Programme specializes in equipping professionals and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in board positions and advisory roles to make maximum positive impact.

With a wealth of experience and a commitment to fostering growth, Veblen Directors Programme plays a pivotal role in our summit. Their expertise and support are instrumental in helping attendees secure board seats, build powerful advisory boards, and navigate the intricate world of business.

Gold Sponsors

Young Leaders Connect (YLC), an initiative of the International Women’s Forum of South Africa (IWFSA) empowers ethical female leadership. Through its IDEAL Program, YLC pairs mentees with IWFSA mentors, fostering soft skills and professional guidance. Led by a dedicated committee reporting to the IWFSA’s Leadership Development Committee, chaired by Ms. Charmaine Houvet, YLC aims to mentor and empower 400 young women by 2025. It stands as a beacon for aspiring female leaders, committed to nurturing their potential and shaping a brighter future.

Rose Equity Partners supports ambitious entrepreneurs with a range of investment, consulting and advisory services, helping business owners to overcome their barriers to growth, increase profitability, and achieve a successful exit.

Ellect is a dedicated platform enhancing women’s representation in leadership and board roles. By offering specialized resources and tools, Ellect drives businesses toward significant inclusivity, aiming for equitable opportunities and a balanced corporate landscape.

Boardio (, with over 7,000 advisors from 100 countries, is a leading platform and service connecting startups, scaleups and research ventures with highly qualified advisors. Our key focus is to help companies expand overseas with the help of local advisors.

Alpha Flow Zenith aims to transform the beverage industry by introducing healthier, enjoyable drinks with a focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We embrace disruptive methods to lead towards a sustainable future while ensuring each drink offers joy and creates memorable experiences. As a catalyst for change, they merge taste, health, sustainability, and fun, inviting customers to join their journey in redefining refreshment.

The Harbour club is the largest community of certified M&A professionals. Established in 2009 by veteran M&A expert and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeremy Harbour who has personally bought, sold & advised on over 300 acquisitions.

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Learn How To Secure a Board Position in 60 Days or Less!!

General FAQs

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit is a two-day online and live interactive event designed for ambitious professionals and leaders who are eager to learn the 5 blueprint components that will teach them how to secure their first paid board seat. It provides exclusive insights, strategies, and networking opportunities to help participants fast-track their careers and elevate their earning potential.

During the summit, you will learn:

  • How to secure your first paid board seat in as little as 60 days.
  • Techniques to unlock the secrets of becoming a sought-after board member, including the five essential components: Connections, Knowledge, Profile, Value, and Leverage.
  • Strategies to enhance your career, your credibility, unlock additional income, gain invaluable expertise, and secure prestigious board positions.
  • Insights from seasoned directors and experts who have achieved remarkable success.

The summit is scheduled for Thursday-Friday, April 11th and 12th, 2024. The summit will run from 9am – 12pm London | 4pm – 7pm Singapore time. Here is a link you can use to convert the event times into your current timezone: 

To register for the summit, simply click on the “Reserve Your Seat Now” button and follow the registration page instructions provided.

The cost to attend the Boardroom Blueprint Summit is initially $97, but thanks to the generosity of the headline sponsor, Veblen Directors Programme, tickets are currently being offered for FREE until March 10th. 

Participants will have access to the full two-day summit, recordings of the sessions, a complimentary copy of Callum Laing’s new “Boardroom Blueprint” book, a $500 voucher for a mentoring session, and access to the Boardroom Blueprint Community with free resources, training, and support.

Everyone who registers for the summit will receive a unique event access link via email 1 week before the summit is scheduled to start. This link will allow you to join the summit online, participate in all of the sessions, and download the summit resources.

All you need to attend the summit is a reliable internet connection and a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone). You can attend from the comfort of your home or office, making it convenient for you to engage with the summit without the need for travel. 


Absolutely! Active participation is encouraged. Each day, you’ll have opportunities to ask questions and engage with Callum Laing and our summit guest speakers.

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit stands out from other events by offering:

  • Exclusive techniques and strategies to propel participants towards their first paid board position in just 60 days or less.
  • Insights from experienced directors and experts who have achieved remarkable success.
  • Networking opportunities with renowned and aspiring directors from around the world.

The Boardroom Blueprint Summit is tailor-made for ambitious professionals and leaders who aspire to accelerate their careers, increase their earnings, and make a significant impact through board positions. This summit is ideal for dedicated professionals looking to escape the sluggish pace of career progression, unleash their earning potential, and secure coveted board seats. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an ambitious entrepreneur, this summit provides the tools and insights to guide you towards a high-paying board position. [add who it is not for]

Yes, the summit is designed for both employees and entrepreneurs, who are ambitious and eager to advance their careers, increase their earnings, and secure prestigious board positions.

Yes, attending the summit can provide valuable insights and information for individuals who are considering a directorial role in the future. It’s an opportunity to explore different career paths, strategies for advancement, and the benefits of serving on boards.

All you need is an open mind. Bring along your enthusiasm, curiosity, and a readiness to absorb valuable insights. It’s beneficial to have a notebook or digital note-taking tool available to capture key strategies and action points shared by the speakers. Stay engaged throughout the summit, actively participate in discussions, and feel free to ask questions to maximise your learning experience.

Yes, the summit will be recorded and will be made available on the event page (via your unique access link). This will allow attendees to revisit sessions, review content, and reinforce their learning. However, the recordings will be available for a limited time only. It is recommended that you attend as many of the sessions live throughout the 2-day summit to avoid missing out on any of the live interactive sessions.

Yes, you can still attend and participate in the summit if you miss a session or one of the days. The recordings of the summit will be made available to you as well on the event page (via your unique access link), where you can catch up on any sessions you may have missed. However, the recordings will be available for a limited time only.

Yes, we encourage attendees to join our Facebook Group Here you will find our community of like-minded individuals, where you can connect with each other, share insights, ask questions, and engage in discussions related to the summit topics.

If you encounter any technical difficulties during the summit, please try refreshing your browser or clearing your cache. If the problem persists, reach out to our customer support team via email on Our team will assist you as best as possible in resolving any technical issues.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our support team via email on Our team is here to help!

The Veblen Director Programme Receives Prestigious Ellect Star for Commitment to Gender Equality in Boardrooms

The Veblen Director Programme, a leading training and education community dedicated to empowering ambitious professionals for impactful board membership, proudly announces its recent recognition with the esteemed Ellect Star. This accolade underscores the programme’s unwavering commitment to fostering gender equality in boardrooms worldwide. 

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