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The Veblen Director Programme

Want to know more? Don't make these 7 mistakes!

The above video is taken from the Veblen Program and it is not part of the upcoming webinar.
In that webinar I will talk about why there is a huge shift happening in Boardrooms around the world and specifically how you can use this information to get yourself your first paid Board seat. I give examples of people who have done that and I also share a little bit about how I’m working with an amazing group of individuals who, like you, just want a chance to get ahead (and put ‘Director of a PLC’ on their Linkedin profiles!).

Now, about that bonus… I really HATE doing this because honestly I would rather you came and joined me on the webinar live BUT I realise that sometimes we get busy, life gets in the way and something that could completely transform your career trajectory could easily get forgotten. So, if you really want, I’m going to give you access to the last webinar I did.

It’s about an hour long and it includes EVERYTHING you need to know to unlock this incredible opportunity. But PLEASE only click this link if you are really serious about wanting a Board position and absolutely can’t wait until the live event.