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The Veblen Director Programme

Thank you for completing the Board Seat Quiz.

Your answers provide valuable insights into your decision-making approach in various boardroom scenarios.

Your answers suggest that you have a strong sense of your own ethics and principles when it comes to boardroom decisions.

As you saw navigating the boardroom often involves balancing multiple perspectives and stakeholder interests. While your ethical compass may guide you, you may encounter situations where investors or other board members hold differing opinions.

Understanding and addressing these diverging viewpoints is a crucial aspect of effective board leadership.

Your commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct shines through in some responses. It is evident that you value open communication and collaboration, seeking consensus among board members while considering the best interests of shareholders and the company at large.

The scenarios presented in the quiz highlight the complexities of boardroom decision-making, such as the delicate balance between short-term self-interest and the long-term interests of all shareholders. You will find that not everyone will agree with your answers! There are a lot of stakeholders to consider.

Remember that each boardroom situation is unique, and there may be no definitive right or wrong answer. Your ability to adapt your decision-making approach based on the specific circumstances you encounter will be crucial in navigating the complexities of board governance effectively.

In conclusion, your responses reflect a specific approach and commitment to ethical decision-making, long-term shareholder value, and responsible governance practices.

how to get your first board seat?

Today Boards are under more pressure than at any time in history. They are actively looking for new people, fresh ideas and help with strategy. But not for the reasons you might think. They are recruiting because they are under massive pressure from shareholders who are demanding a change in the status quo.

Veblen Director Program was set up to train, support and place people at Boards all over the world.

Every month we help women, minorities and first timers get their first paid Board seat. In fact we are so confident in what we do that we offer a complete guarantee. We guarantee you will get a paid board seat within 12 months of joining our program.

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By watching this recording of our latest webinar you will understand which Boards are hiring and why they would want to hire someone like you, even if you lack experience.

Watch right to the end to understand how the guarantee works and then have a chat with one of our team to see whether this is a good fit for you.

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