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The Veblen Director Programme

Congratulations on completing the quiz!

At this point there are 3 key things you need to know in your journey to your first board seat:

1 – Why would a board want me?
2 – What do I need to do?
3 – Is it worth the effort?

There are around 60,000 publicly listed companies with boards. There are more than a million small private businesses – each one of those companies represents an opportunity for you. If you can become an insider!

In the webinar below, I cover exactly why a board would want you, how much they will pay you and the 5 step process for getting your first board seat.

I will give countless examples and you’ll hear from people, just like you, that have followed this formula to transform their careers.

So get yourself a cuppa, turn off your notifications, grab a pen and paper and let’s get you your first board seat!

(if you want to learn more about the Veblen Programme, click here)