Advanced Career Secrets Unveiled:

5-Part Masterclass Series for Aspiring Leaders

Each 90-minute session is designed to provide practical, actionable tips to turbo-charge your career and excel as a leader.

Thursday 25 July - 21:00 SGT | 9:00 EST | 6:00 PST | 14:00 UK

Wednesday 14 & 28 Aug - 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

Wednesday 11 & 25 Sept - 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

Advanced Career Secrets Part 1 of 5:
Unlocking the Power of Connections for Influence & Opportunity

In this 90 minute ‘Connections’ webinar Callum Laing is going to show you why it is no coincidence that the most successful people on the planet today are also the most connected.  Callum will lay out exactly how, in just a few months, you can build an enviable network regardless of where you are today.  He’ll show you the exact framework he, and many others, have used to build incredible national and international networks AND he’s going to show you how you can use that network not just for job and business opportunities, but also how you can create real cashflow and wealth from it too.

About Your Host


Callum Laing is the Founder of the Veblen Director Programme and a Partner at Unity Group. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Callum has founded and grown companies across various countries and industries, focusing on helping small businesses access capital markets for the past decade. Since joining Unity Group, he has completed over 100 M&A transactions, with most reaching public markets.

Callum is also the author of four business books, including the bestsellers ‘Progressive Partnerships – The Future of Business,’ ‘Agglomerate – From Idea to IPO in 12 months,’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Investing.’ His latest book, ‘Boardroom Blueprint,’ offers valuable insights into securing board positions.

Based in Singapore, Callum is regularly featured in media and as a public speaker at global events. He has held positions as High Commissioner to Singapore for the World Business Angel Forum and Ambassador to Callum resides in Singapore with his wife and two daughters.

Join this webinar to learn:

Special Featured Guests

As well as covering all of the above Callum Laing has invited several Veblen Members that have built and leveraged networks to achieve incredible career advancements and other opportunities.  Your chance to hear some previously unknown, but absolutely jaw-dropping stories of success and hear exactly how they have done it.

There will also be opportunities for you to build your own amazing network right after the event with the other attendees!

Make sure you don’t miss it!

Feeling Stifled in Your Job Despite Your Ambition? Watching Your Business Plateau? Then this 5-Part Masterclass Series is for YOU — professionals and entrepreneurs who crave rapid career progression and exponential business growth.

Who Should Attend?

Ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs eager to fast-track their career or business growth.
› Individuals determined to achieve financial freedom and build a successful career, no matter their starting point.
› Those who want to learn strategies to stand out, advance quickly, and build a powerful network without traditional networking events.
› People who want to leverage their influence to ‘give back‘ and drive positive change through impactful board roles.

Who Should NOT Attend?

› Individuals who blame external factors for their lack of progress and aren’t ready to take responsibility for their growth.
› Those unhappy in their job but not interested in a proactive approach to career advancement.
› People seeking a quick-fix or get-rich-quick scheme.

This webinar is part 1 of a 5 part series ...

Part 2 – Knowledge

“Advanced Career Secrets: Crucial Knowledge to Propel Your Career as an Entrepreneur or Professional”

14 August | 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

What are the inside tricks board members use to get hired?

Why are MBA’s and Certificates not getting you the results you want?

What do you *actually* need to know to deliver real value?

Part 3 – Profile

28 August | 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

“Advanced Career Secrets: Crafting a Magnetic Profile to Unlock Limitless Opportunities”

Why should you build a profile?

Why your profile shouldn’t be all about you!

How the law of big numbers impacts your opportunities

Part 4 – Value

11 September | 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

“Advanced Career Secrets: Delivering Real Value and Impact in Leadership Roles”

What do boards really need?

Why is your 20 year career not as helpful as you think

Why ‘Do No Harm’ should be tattooed on every board member!

Part 5 – Leverage

25 September | 20:30 SGT | 8:30 EST | 5:30 PST | 13:30 UK

“Advanced Career Secrets: Leveraging Your Role for Rapid Company Growth and Individual Success”

How to scale a company quickly

How a ‘free’ role can be worth millions

Why thinking in terms of Trojan Horses is the best way to get ahead

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