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The Veblen Director Programme

Veblen Directors Program

Fast Track your business with an Advisory Board

Introducing the Global Advisory Board Program, a cost-free initiative to help businesses build an advisory board. For resource constrained founders this program has only upside, with our dedicated advisors  meeting you at least once a month to keep you accountable to your goals

Set up your board in 3 simple steps

Apply to the Veblen Global Advisory Board program by clicking the button and filling up the information required. Upon receiving your application, we will share it with the community

We will return with a list of candidates that have expressed their interest over next 2 weeks and you will select 8- 12 members in which we will help facilitate the “get to know you” calls

Select up to 5 of your ideal candidates, and we will assist in drafting the LOI and a media press release regarding the partnership. We will also provide a board observer for the first 3 months


Veblen Directors Program has been a godsend for us ... to meet and interface with accomplished leaders, professionals and business development superstars from across the globe could never happen as easily as it has through VDP.

Cal Burlock Founder of STEMreps

What to Expect

At Veblen, we recognize the challenges small businesses face in pursuing exponential growth and innovation. Our solution revolves around connecting you with a group of accomplished entrepreneurs and individuals within our network. These individuals undergo training and receive ongoing support from us, making them an invaluable resource for your business.

Expect your Advisors to engage in a monthly call, with the potential for additional interactions based on
mutual agreement

Foster an environment of honesty during discussions. The Advisory Board can provide valuable assistance only when presented with a complete and truthful overview, even if it contrasts with more optimistic portrayals to clients and staff.

Acknowledge that not all advice provided will be applicable to your business. While the Advisory Board strives to assist, it is ultimately your responsibility to evaluate & implement advice that align with your business goals.

It is OK to say, ‘I have thought about that, and I don’t think it’s right for the business at this time, I might look at it again in the future"

Understand that the Advisory Board is not a substitute for your team. Taking action on their
advice is your responsibility, and their role is to guide rather than execute tasks on your behalf.

Build you board of advisors today