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If You Love The Idea Of Securing A Paid Board Seat But You Don’t Know How To Go About It, This Could Be The Most Important Thing You Read This Year.

I want to personally invite you to register for a Boardroom Blueprint Mentoring Session.

I’ve been running these intimate, small-group mentoring sessions with individuals just like you, who have the desire to secure a board position in 2024, but don’t know how to go about it.

After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

For the record, this isn’t some webinar, or a large group call with ‘generic’ information that might apply to you.

It’s your opportunity to receive live, personalized feedback, so you have a clear set of instructions you can follow to secure your first board position in 60 days (or less).

I usually charge $500 for these 30-minute sessions, but if you take action and book your Orientation Call before May 30th, you won’t pay a penny.

Why am I doing this?

The truth is, if you want to secure a paid board position this year:

– You don’t need more INFORMATION

And I don’t want the usual $500 fee to hold you back from registering.

Not just because I’m passionate about seeing our clients secure paid board positions (although that is part of it)…

But because I’ve got the boards of companies emailing me every other day, asking me “who can you recommend to fill one of these board positions?”

And right now, demand is outstripping supply – and that’s not good business!

Your Next Step is Simple

Simply click the button below and book your Orientation Call with one of my team at a time that suits you.

From there, they’ll be able to allocate you a place on one of the Boardroom Blueprint Mentoring Sessions (based on which you’re more suitable for).

But don’t delay.

As I mentioned, my schedule is JAM-PACKED and I’ve got no plans to try and fit any more of these sessions this month.

Who should book an orientation call:

You are a leader who is 100% committed to getting a board seat within the next 12 months but have questions on HOW to do it.

You know you can add value to a board if you could just position yourself where others can see the value you bring.

You have been trying to get a board seat unsuccessfully and are not sure why you are not getting a position at the speed you had hoped. 

You are an action taker who follows through on your commitments.

Veblen Founder

Who started Veblen and Why?

Callum Laing

Founder | Veblen Directors Program

Callum Laing is a successful entrepreneur, author and investor.  He is the author of the book Boardroom Blueprint and has sat on and advised  many Boards privately and publicly for more than a decade.  He set up Veblen in late 2022 due to a frustration at how dysfunctional many boards are and how much talent was being overlooked for stupid reasons.  

He is joined at Veblen by an incredible team that he has worked with for many years across multiple successful ventures.

The Veblen 5 Components

On your Boardroom Blueprint Mentoring Session, I’m going to take you through the ‘5 Veblen Components’, to understand where you’re at right now, and give you a personalized ‘step by step’ plan you can start following immediately.

#1. Connections
#2. Knowledge
#3. Pitch
#4. Value
#5. Leverage

The 5 Veblen Components

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To secure your place on an upcoming Boardroom Blueprint Mentoring Session completely free of charge (saving $500), simply press the button below and book your Orientation Call at a time that suits you.

From there, my team will be able to build a picture of your unique circumstances and areas of expertise, and allocate you a place on the most relevant Boardroom Blueprint Mentoring Session.

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