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The Veblen Director Programme

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Veblen Directors Program is a unique Education Program and vibrant Community, for career ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs who want to fast track into a Board seat.

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of our members who have never had a board seat before (and who thought they didn't have the required experience) get a board seat within 60 days

Would you like to get your first board seat within the next 60 days?

Why join the Veblen Directors Programme

Here at Veblen Directors Programme, we have created a vibrant community of leaders and business owners.

Most people we meet and discuss the programme with don’t believe they are ready to join a board. Maybe they have a background/color/gender/experience that makes them feel precluded from the process.

And that’s understandable. When we imagine a typical board director, we can’t help but think of a grey haired, white skinned, cigar smoking male.

But the world has changed. Business has changed. Diversity is being embraced.

Here at Veblen Directors Programme, we have created a vibrant community of leaders and business owners, who are working their way from first board of advisor position, right up to paid PLC board director level.

We provide really tailored, specific education, designed to get you ready for your first board seat within 60 days around the 5 components!

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What are the 5 components to gaining my first Board Seat

These are the 5 areas that are key to master in order to be of real value to a board. They are not steps to take or chronological in the way you master them but all of us can do this to a level in 60 days that makes us fully board recommendable!


Obtaining board appointments has traditionally required years of (often expensive) networking. Discover the secrets to fast tracking the process with laser-targeted strategies that allow you to rapidly skyrocket your credibility and help secure your ‘seat at the table’ faster than ever before possible.

No need for expensive MBA’s and other qualifications. Prestigious boards are proactively seeking individuals who have unique and diverse insights based on their current experience. Uncover how you can effortlessly position yourself as a sought after authority in what you know and how you package that in the way boards are looking for - whether in finance, technology, marketing, or another field - so you become magnetic to company boards.

Your personal and professional profile matters. Learn now to craft an impressive board-ready profile that showcases your skills, accomplishments, and readiness for a board position, making you stand out among candidates. Learn the 20% of effort that will get you the 80% of result.

Boards are looking for individuals who can bring tangible value to their organizations. Learn the problems they face and how you can help solve them. Learn the shortcuts that you can apply to get transformative results that will significantly increase value to all stakeholders.


Learn how to effectively leverage your newfound value and board position. Explore strategies for utilizing your enhanced skills, experiences, and networks not only to secure your first board seat but also to propel your career, business, and earnings to new heights, maximizing your potential and becoming a dynamic force in the boardroom and beyond for years to come.

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What do you get when you join - Total Value over $25 000

The veblen Directors Programme Fundamental modules - value $5000

This is a fully comprehensive educational programme designed for you to complete at your own pace, covering all 5 components and how you master them.

An accountability board - value $10,000 (Tiger 21 charge $30k p/a for this!)

You will be assigned to an accountability group made up of Veblen members. Your  Accountability Board is 100% committed to getting you a Board seat within 12 months and will work with you to make sure you deliver on your goals as well as bring new and unique opportunities to the table.

Live coaching sessions - Value $5,000

Access live coaching sessions with our head coach Martin Jimmink, who is one of Asia’s leading business coaches. Martin will walk you through the personal transformations required to be a high performing board director and support you on this journey.

A personalised media profile - Value over $5000

We will create with you a 2 year PR plan, including a business interview you can share with publications and press.
Podcasts we will arrange to have you interviewed on
Full media training so you are prepared to increase your profile using your expertise.

Monthly “Ask me anything” with Callum Laing - value priceless

Each month you can join a live and interactive mentoring call with other Veblen Members and ask Callum anything you need to know or want some direct support with.
Callum serves on multiple boards and is being asked daily to join more. His experience and expertise in building businesses is invaluable!

The Community - value priceless


Access to the community of 150+ leaders, business owners and directors who have all been through the journey or are going through it. These form the basis of mastering your first component, your network. Hundreds of opportunities are shared each week by our members interacting and supporting one another.

Opportunities - Value priceless but we know of members who have generated 7 figure returns from these!

Every day companies approach us asking us to help them fill their Board roles. We don’t charge the companies anything for this, making us attractive and competitive to the organisations who know they are getting fully trained, supported board members from day 1. Every day companies approach us asking us to help them fill their Board roles. We don’t charge the companies anything for this, making us attractive and competitive to the organisations who know they are getting fully trained, supported board members from day 1. You get first access to these opportunities.

Additional Bonus for joining

before 0 April 2023

- valued at $5000

Callum Laing

For Boardroom Blueprint summit attendees only, if you join Veblen Directors Programme before the end of April you will also receive an additional bonus valued at over $5000.

Callum Laing, founder of Veblen Directors Programme and creator of 100’s of publicly listed businesses is personally leading a 30 day programme starting on April 30th.

During the 30 day immersive, Callum will be supporting you with live personalised sessions aimed at getting you your first board seat at speed!

Who should book an interview

Veblen Director Network will be the most valuable and powerful network you belong to, but only because we are selective about who can join. Nobody gets in without a thorough interview with one of our team. Since we guarantee you getting a board seat, we need to make sure you have what it takes. But this is not what you might expect. We’re not interested in your current job title, your qualifications, what school you went to or who your father played bridge with. None of those things are relevant to us, or the next generation of Boards you will be joining.

Our members are selected based on:


 If you don’t have a burning desire inside you to get ahead and make a difference in the world then please go back to browsing cat videos on Facebook.


You need to be accountable to the program, accountable to your peers in the Veblen community and accountable to your future self that wants to see you sitting in the Boardroom.


You have already stepped up as a leader in the past.  Maybe Team Leader in your company or running a sports team or helping out at a non-profit?  You’re willing to take on responsibility for others.


You have a voracious appetite for learning new ideas and new ways of getting ahead.  You’re happy to abandon old ways of thinking if they no longer serve you and when you don’t understand something you get curious, not critical.


If you think Boards are full of Alpha’s who are willing to run over anything that gets in their way – sadly, in many cases you’re right.  But the world is changing and Boards need humility to move forward.


This is the start of a journey.  It will involve you getting way outside of your comfort zone.  New people, new terminology, insane levels of responsibility and never enough time or information.  You need to be able to dig deep in order to not just survive but thrive in this environment.  We can give you the tools, but only you can bring the drive.

Ready to find out more?

If you’re ready to explore the potential of becoming part of the Veblen Director Programme, then I invite you to book an ‘Interview’ with one of our team members.

The purpose of the interview call is for our team to assess whether you would make a good participant on the Veblen Director Programme, and for you to decide whether this is right for you too.

We are conscious of your time and the call will take no more than 30 minutes maximum. It’s an opportunity for the team to ask you some qualifying questions and for you to get your questions answered too.

At the end of the call, if the team is happy that you would make a good addition to the Veblen Director Programme, and this is something you would like to pursue, you will be offered a place.

If the team does not feel you are ready for it yet, please do not be offended. Equally if you decide, for whatever reason, you do not want to participate in the programme, that is perfectly fine too.

The investment to join Veblen Directors Programme

US$3,750 joining fee + $150 p/m membership fee (min 12 months)
US$555 x 12 months

Thereafter, there is a monthly membership subscription of $150, which can be canceled at any time.

If you’re ready to take the next step, proceed to book your preferred date and time for your interview call here:

Why the Veblen Directors Programme works

We deliver results because you get:

Individual Attention

Starting with the one-on-one interview to get on to the program, you are then assigned a support member who is your first port of call should you have any challenges during the program.  You and a small number of other new starters will get an opportunity for a unique, onboarding experience.  You will also be able to access plenty of individuals in the program who can help you get past any sticking blocks.

Access to the best experts

We have more than a dozen experts that we have brought in to show you how you can become the best possible Board director. This content is no-nonsense and won’t always be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear to become a great Board Director.
More expert content is being added all the time as we get real time feedback from Boards about what challenges they are currently facing.

Monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

Each month all Vebleners are invited to join the monthly AMA sessions with Callum and occasionally a guest expert.  This is a great time to ask your questions and connect with other Veblen members and guests.  No questions are off limits in this session and you should leave with a clear idea of what your next steps are.

Forum Review

Get real time feedback from Vebleners sitting on boards about what is important and relevant to boards right now! Read and participate in real time discussions about business news stories and how Boards are currently handling them.

Focus Groups

Struggling with your personal Brand?  Not sure about the basics of Investor Relations?  Can’t read a Balance Sheet?  Join a Focus Group until you’re feeling comfortable.

Have your own area of expertise?  Create a Focus Group to support others and build your profile within the Veblen Community.

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Here's what some of our directors
have to say

Marisa Agrasut

Board Apprentice Incergo

“This board apprenticeship role is exciting because it combines exposure to two unique initiatives – the Veblen Director Programme and Incergo’s franchisor acquisition model. I wholeheartedly appreciate Darren Taylor’s commitment to diversity whilst growing his business and look forward to bringing my experience in strategic innovation to support the stakeholders of the business”. 

Ralph White

Board Apprentice Incergo

“Through this opportunity I am excited to contribute over 27 years leadership experience and support Incergo’s growth in North America. Working with Veblen we are building a sustainable business with a strong focus on ESG to benefit shareholders. This is a dynamic team and a wonderful opportunity for all investors”.

Hetul Patel

Board Apprentice Incergo

“I’m very excited to be joining the Incergo board and grateful to the Veblen Program for this opportunity. It is great to see forward looking companies partnering together to lead the way in promoting D&I. With 20 years of financial services experience I’m eager to get started on our mission to create exceptional value for our shareholders and business owners.”

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